IT Managed Services ProviderA Chicago IT services provider can help you manage everything from your computers and printers to the security of your data. With the evolving nature of the information technology industry and the inherent vulnerabilities tied to shared data and integrated networks, it is important to partner with an IT services company with a proven track record. Doing so will help you avoid a costly data breach while maintaining the value of your systems and your company reputation. When searching for the best IT managed service provider Chicago has to offer consider the following tips:

Keep Your Focus on Preventative IT Services

It is important to know that the Chicago IT services team you hire can help when problems occur and prevent potential issues in the future. Make sure that you’re investing in the right computer, hardware and software support for your business. To do so:

  • Find out what steps the partner takes in order to prevent problems.
  • Ask to see their methods of prevention in action, if possible.
  • Study the statistics that demonstrate their prevention efforts.
  • Speak with whoever is in charge and will be working with your company.
  • Ask for previous reports of work performed and references.

Find Out Their Level of Experience

It is very important that an IT managed services provider has the necessary knowledge and experience to help manage the everyday functions of your business. If you are able to conduct the proper research on Chicago IT service providers and compare skills and experience you will have a better chance of aligning your expectations with the actual services that will be provided to you. This step will ensure that your new relationship with your IT team starts out on the right foot and allows you to better understand how your money will be used for maintenance and prevention efforts.

To better understand the experience and track-record of an IT services company you should also make sure to review the website of a potential IT partner thoroughly, taking note of staff/team bios and getting a sense for their tenure in the industry. If this information is not available online, ask to view some of resumes of the staff members who will be working with your company.

Identify Their Best Practices

Companies that specialize in Chicago IT services for small and mid-size businesses should have a set of best practices in place in order to meet the needs of their customers. As such, any reputable company should be proud to share actual examples of successful prevention measures and cost-savings. When an IT company shares such best-practice anecdotes you can take comfort in seeing the effective measures they have realized over the years and the knowledge base they are pulling from when they work on behalf of your organization.

Get References

Speak with customers who have used IT services from the company you have in mind. Compare the information you gather from them to the information that the vendor has already given to you. Point out things that you are particularly interested in and get answers to how those situations were handled from both the vendor and the references. This can be a big help in deciding whether or not to get into business with a specific information technology company.