• Have you seen the news about the dramatic rise in Cyber Crime but not sure how it applies to your business?  
  • Are you confused about where to even start?  
  • Would you like to focus your time and budget on only the most important cyber risks for your organization? 


A cyber risk assessment is the answer to all of these questions. 

As businesses grow and change, so do their networks.  

As time goes on, the risks change as well. 

Just like humans need yearly check-ups, computer networks also benefit from assessments to make sure things are operating as they should. 

Your network and technology are the heart of your organization. Don’t let bad actors bring your business to a halt. Our cyber risk assessment can help you focus your time and budget on the most impactful issues before they become a problem. 

All businesses have limited funds. Without a cyber risk assessment, you are guessing what provides the best return on investment (ROI). Also, the prevention of a cyber event (such as ransomware) costs a fraction of what it would if you get attacked. 

A cyber risk assessment can: 

  • Help you stay current on best practice protections for your network 
  • Provide a big picture view of the state of your network risk 
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations 
  • Identify vulnerabilities before they cause problems 
  • Spend your IT budget wisely 

Benefits of a risk assessment: 

  • Uncover vulnerabilities – Find vulnerabilities before someone else does. Don’t let a data breach be the first sign something is wrong. 
  • Improve efficiency – Make sure you’re putting resources where they need to be. Identify outdated practices (such as only using Antivirus to defend you). 
  • Ensure compliance – Don’t risk fines and damage to your reputation by learning too late you’re out of compliance.  

Don’t wait until you get hacked. 

Be proactive about protecting your network. Take advantage of our free cyber risk assessment today ($999 value). Make sure your network is operating at peak efficiency and your budget is being put to optimal use. Contact us today to see if your business qualifies. 

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