Proper Computer maintenance and repairOwning a computer can be a complicated task for those that are not tech-savvy. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you conduct proper computer maintenance and repair.

Be Smart With Your Passwords

8 percent of users do not reuse passwords. Chances are you have multiple accounts on your computer that require a password. From social media pages to bank information, these passwords protect confidential information, so it’s vital that they are strong passwords. You should always choose a password with at least one capital letter, a number, possibly a special character (!,@,#) with 12 characters in total. We recommend creating a smart “BASE” password you can remember (i.e. P@$$w0rd) and then add to it for each site (i.e. AMAZP@$$w0rd for Amazon and EBAYP@$$w0rd for eBay). You don’t want to have to call on our IT services to help fight off a cyber-attack, after all!

Keep Software Updated

If you haven’t used software in the past six months or so we recommend uninstalling it to free up space. Make sure you have at least 10% free hard drive space at all times. If you need help determining what programs are necessary and which ones aren’t, our IT consultants and computer maintenance experts in Chicago and Inverness can help.

Maintain Computer Security

Computer security doesn’t have to be complicated.

  1. Run a full virus and spyware scan weekly.
  2. Have a firewall and make sure it is on.
  3. Do system updates (set them to run automatically overnight).

PCS International is here to offer Chicago computer repair and maintenance services to aid you in maintaining your computer, along with different hardware repairs.

Backup Your Data

Data is precious, so consider a cloud based backup solution which runs automatically in the background. Our PCS StoreIT cloud based backup make sure you are backed up.
This is just part of an overall plan to help you maintain a clean and organized computer. For businesses, it is best to let the professionals handle your data management and cleanup to ensure your machines are running as efficiently as possible. We offer managed IT services to offload the IT function from your staff so they can focus on what they do best!