Managed IT services is a term that’s thrown around very loosely.

But what exactly does it mean?

The simple answer is that it’s a big bundle of packaged IT solutions. Typically, each managed service provider (or MSP) has their own definition of what goes into this bundle.

Regardless of the specifics, the outcome is generally the same – MSPs take care of the nitty-gritty of your IT infrastructure for you. That might be through consulting, IT support, server management, data backups, or anything in between.

Now for the big question: Are managed IT services right for your business?

Read onward to decide for yourself.

Scenario 1: Your business is tiny. Like, really tiny.

You and 3 other friends have just started your dream company. The problem, for now, is that you’re operating out of one garage. Sure, you’d really like air conditioning. Admittedly, the rats chewing on power cables can get a little irritating at times.

However, you’re all finally seizing the day and taking initiative. We’re proud of you.

Did you know? The average U.S. worker wastes 22 minutes a day dealing with IT-related issues.

As far as your IT environment goes, you’ve all got laptops of several different makes and models. You’re also using a Wi-Fi connection to access your company data, which is all stored in the cloud.

Managed IT services: yay or nay?

The Verdict:

You’re probably too small to really need managed services. For now, you can proactively handle issues on your own with some cursory Googling of the issues you’re facing.

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However, your company will (hopefully) grow up to be much bigger. The immediate issues you face include:

  • Needing a server
  • Standardizing equipment
  • Researching and meeting data-related and industry compliance
  • Implementing a business-grade security structure

Don’t get overwhelmed just yet. Though you may be small now, it’s smart to take your IT infrastructure into account now.

And hey, it’s never too early to talk to an MSP about some IT consulting so you know what extra help is available when you are ready.

Scenario 2: You’re an SMB, and your IT is getting out of hand.

Confusing. That’s about the closest word for describing your current state of IT affairs. You’ve got a lot going on, but the call of business duty is just too much to ignore.

You’ve done well in the past. You’ve got a decent set of IT processes that you follow, and you’ve even dabbled with hiring a full-time IT guy to join the company.

For now, you’re rolling with Kevin. He’s a part-time IT mercenary for hire.

Did you know? 51% of small-business owners cite time as the single biggest obstacle to adopting new technologies.

Kevin states he “had certifications,” but you’ve never really bothered to verify that. All you know about Kevin is that he goes into your server room, does some IT magic, and everything works for a week or two, until something else goes wrong and he’s needed again.

Time for managed IT services?

The Verdict:

You’re a perfect match for managed services.

You’re in dire need of proactive management from a team of experts. Kevin, as it turns out, does most of his server repairs while watching YouTube tutorials.

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Managed IT services can help you keep track of your IT better than ever before. An MSP can help keep your IT focused on your business objectives, rather that simply fixing whatever breaks, over and over.

Since managed services operate on a flat-rate monthly agreement, there’s no penalty for using them as much as you need.

So what’s the word?

By now, you should have a decent idea of whether or not managed IT services are right for you today. Naturally, there are many more variables at play, but it’s hard to predict all the different possible cases.

If you have questions about managed IT services, or if you’d like to actually get them, shoot us a message. We’re more than happy to discuss them with you.