Your website may be putting your company at risk and making it harder for people to find you.

Websites that are not secured with an SSL certificate are vulnerable to hackers and put your data at risk.

The good news is that getting protected is easy and we can help. Call us, 847-348-3900, to find out how we can get your website protected today.

Am I at Risk?

It’s easy to tell if you already have an SSL certificate. Websites with “https://” are secure. Websites with just the standard “http://” are not. If there’s an SSL certificate, the “https://” will show up in the address bar at the top of the page, usually with a padlock next to the site name.


This how Chrome displays SSL Security


SSL Certification Display on Microsoft Edge

Secure site on Firefox

No “s,” no padlock. No padlock? You’re vulnerable.

This site is NOT secure

Chrome is getting even more transparent about sites that are not secure. Currently, unsecured sites appear like the example above.

Soon, sites with no SSL will show up like this.

Chrome’s upcoming No SSL display

What is SSL?

For starters, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, but more importantly, SSL encrypts data entered online.

Anytime you enter anything into a website, that information is sent from one computer to another on route to its final destination. SSL keeps your data from being vulnerable to anyone with access to any of those computers. With SSL, your information is encrypted, protecting it on your computer, the server you were sending it to, and at every point in between.

Without SSL, you are susceptible to hackers.

It’s the difference between sending a coded message and standing on the street corner shouting for all to hear.

But the benefits of SSL go beyond securing your data, including making it easier for customers to find you.

Benefits of SSL

Part of how Google factors SEO rankings

Google factors SSL into their site rankings. Making your site more secure, actually helps make it easier to find by pulling your site higher up the page of search results. Safety and visibility in one move.

Makes you look good by comparison

When potential customers go in search of the services you provide, they are presented with a number of options. As they scroll the search results, secure sites are indicated with their “https://” designation.

SSL helps you stand out as secure right from the start. You care about your customers’ safety, and it shows – even before they come to your site.

Makes visitors feel safer

And this feeling of security carries over to your site itself.

The SSL padlock in the address bar of every browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) tells visitors that this site is safe and this company can be trusted.

A feeling of security breeds trust and this leads to better client relationships

Actually makes visitors safer

Especially, if the feeling of security is backed up by real security. And SSL provides actual data protection.

You’re in the right place

One last thing an SSL Certificate does is it ensures that they are actually where they thought they were going and not on some fake site set up to steal their data.

There are a lot of imposters out there. You can let your visitors know that you are the real deal.

SSL certificates are becoming a web standard, a best practice in securing your data. Fortunately, this security is inexpensive and easy to acquire.

Chrome also informs visitors when they are being taken to a potentially dangerous site.

This site may be actively trying to steal your data.

Get Secure

The time to get an SSL Certificate is now. Every visitor to your site is vulnerable until you do.

Luckily, getting an SSL Certificate is simple, and costs very little to get set up. We can help you secure your site, your data, and your customers today. Ask us how, 847-348-3900.