Office Relocation Service Provider in ChicagoMoving to a new office can be one of the largest stressors in the working environment. Yet, it can also be a sign of progress, especially if your team is growing and you need to upgrade to a larger space to operate your business.  Regardless of your industry, if you’ve got technology equipment, such as computers, printers, phones and network cables, it’s extremely important that organized planning is used to pack up and physically move these different items.

Loss or misplacement of a vital disk or confusion about how to reconfigure all of your cords and devices after a move can be overwhelming. For these reasons alone, it’s best to hire a professional office relocation services provider adept at planning and conducting the transfer of office technology to your new location.

Planning Your Move Using an Office Relocation Services Provider

Moving offices isn’t as simple as powering down your equipment, boxing it up and moving it to the new location. The process is actually quite complex and requires a ton of planning to make sure the execution is seamless.

When you hire an expert office relocation services provider to help you manage your office technology move, you can expect that planning for your move will involve:

  • An intake of all inventory
  • Labeling of all equipment
  • Meetings to discuss existing systems integration

With proper planning for your office move, you can partner with a professional that has successfully moved office technology for numerous businesses. As a result, your office move is streamlined and less likely to encounter hiccups along the way. Some of the other benefits of planning your office move using an office relocation service include:

  • Minimizing downtime and providing continuity of service. With proper planning you can reduce the time your office is out of operation while the physical move takes place.
  • Enhanced employee productivity. Instead of tasking unqualified employees with the technology transfer, an experienced pro can handle the work in less time and with less effort. This also leaves your employees with more time to execute the work they do best.
  • Protection of technology equipment. When technology has been accounted for, it can then be properly labeled, safely transported and unboxed when it reaches its final destination. Such measures help to ensure items don’t go missing or become damaged in the moving process.
  • Cut down on stress. When your office move has been strategically planned by a third party office relocation services provider, you can focus your energy on other aspects of the move. By sharing the responsibilities of the move you can minimize your stress and reduce the likelihood of any mishaps.

More Reasons to Hire Office Relocation Services Professionals

Outside of planning, an IT office relocation services team can simplify your move in numerous ways. While it can seem like you’re saving money by conducting the move yourself, that’s not always the case. In fact, you may lose out on even more time and money moving IT infrastructure yourself due to inefficiencies, downtime and/or damaged equipment.

Next time you’re gearing up to move your office, think about the following benefits that an office relocation services professional can help you realize:

  • Being better prepared for the unexpected. With years of experience, an IT office relocation service team can plan for contingencies and act quickly when the unanticipated occurs.
  • Providing solutions within your office relocation budget. When you partner with a professional to review your requirements you can find out which services can be completed within your budget, including those that cannot.
  • Recommending various service partners. Not every issue you encounter during your move will be the expertise of our office relocation services partner. However, with years of experience, they’re likely to have relationships with companies that can provide the necessary solution.
  • Ensuring equipment setup is executed properly. When your equipment arrives at the new office, the IT specialists assisting with your move will ensure that all devices and cords are properly setup, connected to power sources and ready to get to work!
  • Evaluating backup strategies and suggesting new solutions. As your relocation team works to get the new office up and running, they’ll have a firsthand look at your existing backup disks. If there is an opportunity to enhance these systems, your office relocation services team will be primed to offer suggestions or alternate options.