IT security effortsIn our technologically-focused world, children and teenagers represent a considerable number of tech users, compared to other age-groups. Their ability to quickly understand and learn how to utilize tech, means that they have a notable impact on the information technology infrastructure.

In order to effectively explain how potential threats and vulnerabilities can become a factor due to teen attitudes and behavior, we will discuss common policies, case-studies, processes and procedures that can be created, modified or reviewed in schools, so that cybersecurity is not only improved, but information technology services and support are augmented. With focus on four main topics: mobile phones, tablets, email access, and social networking.

Information Security Technology and Support

Information security programs work best when they fit your immediate, long-term and unique needs, are up-to-date, relevant, and realistic. Each school is different and functions in its own way, this means that security policies first have to determine information security principles specific to your school and all staff and students must be provided with the means to adhere to principles in the policies.

By developing a hierarchical information security architecture where necessary components fall into place and work seamlessly together, your school will be on par with all regulatory requirements, security best practices, industry trends, and corporate culture.

IT Reviews and Analysis

It’s important to know if your school’s IT services are protecting your data. Vulnerability and risk assessment, compliance auditing, and penetration testing, help ensure that this is the case. With quality technology support, these kinds of tests delve into the organization’s physical security, procedures, policies, governance, technology components, and awareness, and where necessary, IT solutions and IT support are provided.

Compliance Assessment

All organizations must be able to submit to and demonstrate, compliance with applicable regulatory standards.

About PCS International

PCS International is a full-service IT Solutions Provider founded in 1986 to provide essential technology solutions for businesses and schools. Since then, PCS International has become the virtual IT department for several private schools around the Chicago area. The company utilizes a range of effective methods and services to ensure client security. These include: Education and awareness, Effective security policies and procedures, Incident response, Regulatory compliance, Comprehensive management program, and Risk assessment and management.

About the Master of Science in Cybersecurity at UMUC

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity at University of Maryland, University College ( UMUC) , is designed specifically for mid-career professionals who wish to aid in curbing the increasing incidents of cyber-threats. Business consultants at PCS International and Associate Professor at UMUC, Dr. Sudesh Kannan, teaches students how to protect an organization’s cyber assets. Using information from a number of fields including business, psychology, law, management, science and technology, studens are armed with the skills and know-how that allows them to be effective in the world of cyber security.

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