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What Is a Virtual CIO?

A virtual CIO (chief information officer) is a 3rd party company or contractor who advises multiple companies on the needs of their IT services, equipment and network support. Typically, this acting CIO role is outsourced to a managed service provider with vast knowledge of the information technology industry and computer consulting. For this reason, the role is often referred to as an Outsourced CIO or even a Fractional CIO.

Each virtual CIO can cater their IT services leadership and consultation to the specific needs and budget of each small and medium business. Sometimes a virtual CIO will bill a monthly retainer fee and in other situations may provide IT and network consulting on-demand or for an hourly rate.

When you hire PCS International as your virtual CIO you will work with a trusted information technology services leader. Our team will provide strategic IT network management services advice including 5 year budgeting, decision-making, computer consulting, procedural recommendations and annual visioning in support of your unique business goals.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual CIO? 

A virtual CIO eliminates the need for your company to hire a full-time CIO. Not only does this save interview and hiring time, but it allows you to bring in an industry expert for a much lower cost than a full-time employee with a salary and benefits package.

When you hire PCS International as your virtual CIO you get an entire team of industry professionals working in support of your organization's IT best interests. As your virtual CIO, our team will help you make strategic and cost-saving decisions tied to network consulting, software, hardware, computer repair, strategy, process and support. Some of the other benefits of hiring PCS International as your virtual CIO include:

  • Helping you prioritize information technology services requirements even if your small or medium business doesn't have an IT department or IT staff
  • Identifying IT issues quickly and putting proactive measures in place to avoid them next time around
  • Reducing computer maintenance and repair costs
  • Upholding the productivity of your current employees or IT staff by letting them focus on their areas of expertise
  • Staying on top of network support trends
  • Remaining objective and providing unbiased IT recommendations for the betterment of your business

What IT Services Does a Virtual CIO Provide?

Your Virtual CIO can help you plan your technology budget

The exact IT services and responsibilities provided by a virtual CIO will depend on the client and can range from software selection to computer repair and network consulting. However, typical areas that PCS International manages in virtual CIO roles often include one or more of the following IT services:

Full-Service IT Managed Services

We'll provide network management services for your entire IT hardware, software, network administration and process requirements in support of your various departments and business objectives.

IT Infrastructure Planning & Analysis

We'll analyze your existing technology, plan for IT infrastructure changes and identify strategic opportunities for the future. These services can also include budget planning, vendor selection and measurement tied to daily operations or high-level execution.

Network Management Services

We'll manage the infrastructure of your IT network including software, hardware and other equipment. Network management services also include system upgrades, proactive management of viruses and threats, along with disaster recovery planning.

IT Help Desk Services

Our team is available for phone and email support to help troubleshoot IT issues and answer questions. When problems and vulnerabilities arise we're committed to providing immediate computer consulting and attention to help minimize downtime.

Why Should I Hire PCS International as My Virtual CIO?

PCS International acts as a virtual CIO for numerous small business, mid-size business along with various other clients in the healthcare, realty, construction, school and legal industries. Our experience and understanding of each industry's IT services needs make us a great choice for any company looking for strategic IT leadership and computer consulting services.

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