IT Infrastructure Assessment

Technology Audit, Analysis, and Report

Most businesses have a very limited understanding of what technology they have. When technology is used properly it can improve productivity exponentially and when technology does not work, it can be devastating - costing you time, money, and customers.

PCS International believes strongly in making sure that you understand what technology you have and how you can leverage it. Also, because we know small business, we know you need to prioritize and we will help you do just that.

During our comprehensive 15 point review we will:

  • Go on site to meet with you. We are going to physically inspect your site to evaluate everything from your environmental conditions to your physical security of your IT systems. We want to see it all.
  • Inventory all PCs and laptops. We will do a comprehensive inventory with 23 different categories which we analyze for each and every machine.
  • Inventory all servers. We will do a comprehensive inventory with 25 different categories which we analyze for each and every machine.
  • Inventory all other key business technology. Everything that integrates with anything else is business technology. We're going to inventory it and get an idea of how it fits into your overall technology needs.
  • Review and analyze your server room. We're going to be checking power, security, layout, and more.
  • Review your PDA situation (iPhones, Blackberries, etc). The mobile workforce is the "norm" so we are going to review and understand your choices to equip those "on the go".
  • Review and analyze your remote computing options. We want to understand how you have extended your technology beyond the office and into the mobile world, so we can help you maximize and secure that investment.
  • Review your telecommunications situation. This is "found money" for many companies, we can help you navigate the tech-talk and reduce your monthly bills.
  • Provide a detailed list of recommendations. Everything we do will be summarized and put down on paper for you.
  • Review physical & virtual security. Security is a critical and often overlooked area of IT. We will  help you identify any obvious weaknesses in your infrastructure and guide you towards solutions.
  • Create a lifecycle replacement plan for all business technology. All electronics have a limited life. We will help you PLAN for your IT replacements BEFORE those items fail. 
  • Review your website and encryption technologies. Everyone's website is a reflection on their company. Regulatory requirements are increasingly focused on security of customer, patient and credit card data. Are you secure? Are you in compliance? We can help.
  • Discuss with you how technology is used in your business. We love technology but we want to know HOW it helps your business. Without knowing HOW, we cannot make good recommendations on what else you could do to maximize your technology investment
  • Review any Wireless technology in place. Wireless networks are often the backdoors of every network. We'll check the security of your wireless systems to make sure the back door is LOCKED!
  • Sit down with you and review everything! Yes, real people having a real meeting to translate all this technical stuff into business priorities.

To schedule your technology audit, please contact us at 877-727-4685 or or click here for our contact form.

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