Windows 10 Live Event

Posted: 12/6/2015

Presenting the newest operating system from Microsoft --- Windows 10. What’s new in Windows 10 and how to select the Windows 10 version that works for you. Windows 10 is not just for desktop. Discussion on how Windows 10 spans desktops, laptops, tablets and even the new Windows 10 phones. Windows 10 interface will be demonstrated including tips and tricks for navigating the “Start Screen” and “Classic” desktops.

Now you can have QuickBooks on a tablet. There will be a display and discussion of a “hybrid” laptop/tablet as well as the new Microsoft “Surface” tablet and Book. The future of tablets and laptops for 2016 and beyond will be discussed. Comparisons will be made for iPad, Android tablet and Windows 10 tablet (Surface) with explanation how these fit your everyday business life

A new “Continuum” – take your entire work environment with you on a phone. You can with Windows 10 take your work with you..


Windows 10 Tech Tips 

 Everyone is welcome (Members in Public Accounting, Industry, Consulting, Non-Profits, non-members, business owners, young professionals, students, clients, guests, and staff). Please join us and support your local Chapter meetings.

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