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Spyware (sometimes called Adware) is a program installed on your computer that collects person information about you and your computer habits. While some programs are legitimate, others steal personal data such as credit card information and login information for criminal activity. Spyware is a major threat to your business and your personal life. Who is watching you?

PCS International believes that the following multi-tier approach is the most effective prevention of spyware activity:

  • Anti-Spyware protection BEFORE the threat enters your network. Our system uses scanning products that update in real-time. You no longer have to purchase new software or make sure your anti-spyware stays up-to-date. As soon as new threats are discovered, we silently and instantly eliminate spyware before it loads itself onto your system.
  • Anti-Spyware protection on all computers in your network.
  • Spyware education for all users in your network.

Contact a PCS International project director today to eliminate the threat of spyware on your business’ personal information. With solutions for one user up to 1,000, we can prevent Spyware effectively and painlessly for any size business.

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